What Use Is Kabbalah?

Good question!

Kabbalah is a wonderful tool for Interpreting Religious Texts

Nowadays, many people who want to learn about Kabbalah are not religious and they may even have a resistance to the idea that Kabbalistic teaching is integral with the three major religions of the Western World.

However, even if you have no interest in the esoteric roots of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Kabbalah is a wonderful tool for developing self-knowledge and spirituality.

The power of Kabbalah to heal the wounds that many people feel have been caused by religion should not be underestimated. Those who have deep issues with Torah, the Bible in general, Jesus, Christianity and the New Testament have found great peace through using Kabbalah to show them the inner meanings of what can seem to be impenetrable – and often harsh – teachings.

Kabbalah is also associated with numerology and many efforts have been made to work out hidden teachings and prophecies in the Bible based on the numerical values of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

But the Tradition can be used far more simply than that in identifying and translating the patterns and themes in the Bible so that they are entirely relevant – and helpful – to the present day.

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