What is the Point of Kabbalah?

HandiconHiresNow that is a very good question… What is the point of all this? Isn’t it an antiquated system that is only allowed to Jewish men? Or is it a New Age cult that cherry-picks what it can use to control people?

At its heart it is neither. Kabbalah is simply scaffolding. It has different uses for different people but the use that I (Maggy) find so fascinating is that it helps me to understand the mysteries within religion. There are many Kabbalists who will tell you that to study this system you must be a) male, b) Jewish, c) over 40 years old and d) be able to read Hebrew. This is a tribal view of a Universal structure.

I believe that a true Kabbalist cannot have an exclusive attitude to religion – i.e. cannot say ‘my religion is right and your religion is wrong’ because Kabbalah teaches that we live on several different levels of being. When we understand that all the separation in the world – all the tribalism, religious differences, blame and control – all exist in the lower psyche and understand that the task of the human being is to work at the level of the soul, things start to make a lot more sense. We can re-interpret the Bible, our everyday lives and the State of the Nation with discernment and mercy. It all starts to make a lot more sense!

You can be a Kabbalist and a Buddhist, a Kabbalist and an agnostic, a Kabbalist and a Christian, a Kabbalist and a Jew…probably not a Kabbalist and an atheist because it’s all about the relationship between the Divine, the Universe and Humanity, but I could be wrong about that.

The Tree of Life and Jacob’s Ladder are diagrams that tell us both the structure of creation and the structure of the human psyche. Everything in creation fits on these diagrams. How did someone work out how to do that? I don’t know how; but I have never found anything that didn’t fit – or anything that wouldn’t tell me when it was placed on the Tree or the Ladder whether it was for the good of humanity or not.

So, properly used, this is a tool for peace. It can only be used as that by people who are willing to look inside their own souls and to understand that we are all sparks of the Divine – essential aspects of Adam Kadmon, the Primordial Human Being, the Christ Consciousness, the Presence of God in Azilut. Who…? We’ll talk about Him/Her next time.

But it’s worth closing this bit with a quotation from the Koran (Table Section three, verse 45-48):

We have ordained a law and assigned a path for each of you. Had Allah pleased, He could have made you one nation, but it is His wish to prove [test] you by that which he has bestowed upon you. Vie with each other in good works for to Allah you shall all return.



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