About Kabbalah Questions

When I told my mother I was studying Kabbalah, she told her vicar who, in turn, told her that it was devil-worship.

That’s the kind of ignorance this site is here to dispel. Kabbalah (or Qabbalah or Cabala) is the oral tradition — the living tradition — which runs parallel to the words in the Bible. It is simply a form of scaffolding which will make sense of teachings that otherwise can become outdated and even harmful.

Whenever a religion loses its living tradition it becomes set in stone and either steers itself towards fundamentalism or becomes irrelevant to future generations.

My name is Maggy Whitehouse and I’ve written sixteen books on aspects of Kabbalah, mysticism and spirituality. Yes, I’m a woman and no, I’m not Jewish (although I was lucky enough to spend eight years in a relationship with a Jewish man and his family which taught me a great deal).

I’ll be your guide to what Kabbalah is and what it isn’t. I’ll write regular answers to Frequently Asked Questions that I’ve come across in my other careers as a minister, a stand-up comedian, a blogger and a broadcaster and, if you’ve got any questions you’d like answered, I’ll be happy to do my best.

I’m not affiliated to the Kabbalah Centre (or Center – depending on where you’re from) and I’ve never even crossed the threshold of one of their buildings. But that’s probably the only Kabbalistic topic on which I have absolutely no knowledge. For the rest of it, I’ll either have a fairly good idea … or I’ll know a man who does.

Why did I come to Kabbalah? Because my life was turned upside-down when a hospital chaplain told me that my atheist, dying husband could not go to heaven because he didn’t believe in Jesus Christ. That destroyed my previous “armchair Christianity” and set me on a life-long, glorious pilgrimage to understand the mysteries behind and within the Judaeo-Christian tradition.

I found my answers and, if you have any wounds from Christianity or Judaism, it will be my pleasure and privilege to see if I can be of help to you.